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Our group has a strong background of applications; We create products that are easy to use and are of quality expected as per International Standards.
Made in India meeting Global Expectations.
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At Buildsmart we takes a practical approach in
development of our products.
These products are not only tested & approved by Laboratory
but also by extensive site trials that are conducted for real world use.
Philosophy and Services

We work constantly to develop and improve on existing products to make them easier to use, more reliable and smarter for the requirements of the customers. From repairs to protection, we bring in the practical side of the chemistry for our end users.
About Us

A team of technocrats with more than 4 decades of experience, we are focused on developing solutions for our end users that ensure a better quality on construction projects.
As application is the key to successful delivery we understand and bring to the table a long experience. Our customers can depend on us for success of waterproofing jobs, flooring projects, repairs & protection of structures.
Construction Chemicals are essential for any Construction Project.
Due to complex designs and ever increasing time and efficiency requirements,
Quality and Quantity Targets have to be achieved by Proper Specification planning
of Construction Chemicals.
You are a...

Reference Products
Connect with us for procuring
refrence product options

  • Superplasticizers
  • Waterproofing
  • Epoxy Systems

Precast or AAC Blocks
Products for improving
production of Precast

  • AAC Blocks
  • Precast Tiles
  • Concrete Blocks

Improve Construction
Single Source to Improve Quality &
Costs of Construction

  • Admixtures
  • Waterproofing Specs
  • Finishing & Protection
Of "Smart Chemistry for Construction"

With so many rapid changes, new technologies, newer methods, changing requirements on the construction projects, we take a bespoke approach for our Project Clients.
We aim to become a Single Point Sourcing for Construction Chemicals for our Project Clients.
New  Products
Innovate Solutions

At Buildsmart, we try to create products to make application easier, safer and practical. The need for faster completion, complex and newer surfaces to be treated, the challenges with skills in application are the factors we conside to make Smarter Products.
Customer Care

We're here to help - Mon to Sat.

Making  products, ensuring that they perform as expected, fulfilling the needs of the client at  the best value possible is the guiding thought behind our offerings "

Soon we will be uploading a combined list of products, for easy access and study of our offerings
Individual technical product information is available with each product link on this website. We are uploading updated product data sheets as they are developed. If you are not able to find any, please mail us so that we can send the same to you.

Zero Compromise on Raw Material.
The best from the World.

Constant research on Products & Solutions.
In-House R&D Lab & Onsite Applications


Lab & Onsite Approval for products.
Automation to reduce errors.


Each product  has to set a
quality benchmark in its category.
Internation and National Exhibitions.

We participate in Exhibitions to showcase what we can offer to the potential customers and also new learnings from the International Market.
Latest BuZz
New Products under development & activities planned

Bringing technology to allow easy and faster solutions to the construction sector. From Concrete Floor Lamination "BS Wahren CF" to Admixtures for Pre-Cast manufacturing.
Find Us

We are based in Rajasthan. We have some the best natural resources and minerals for manufacturing construction chemical products.
Drymix Grouts and Certain Mineral are exported world over from here.

SB 114-A Lal Kothi
Tonk Road, Jaipur-15
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Working hours:
Mon- Sat 10AM - 6PM

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SB 114-A Lal Kothi
Tonk Road, Jaipur, IN
+91 97993 98083
Smart Chemistry  For Construction
+91 97993 98083
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