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BS EasyGrout

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Free flowing, shrinkage compensated, high strength cementitious Grout
      • BS EasyGrout is a Ready to Use Drymix Powder that is used for targeted grouting where it is required by structure to face static and dynamic loads.
      • BS EasyGrout comes as a ready to use powder in 20Kg sacks for easy handling.
      • Only potable water needs to be added to make a free flowing, non-shrink grout for filling gaps of thicknesses up to 100mm.
      • BS EasyGrout is a blend of Portland cement, graded fillers and chemical additives which provide controlled expansion and provides high early strength to the grouted volume.
                  Suggested for Builders & Onsite Construction
                  Recommended uses:
                    • Suggested applications of this product are in machine foundations, grouting of the base plates of various machines and columns alike. It is suitable for anchoring a wide range of foundation anchoring.
                    • High flow system to reach even small gaps and achieve full saturation in grouting application.
                    • Most recommended system for packing core cut holes.
                              Suggested for Builders & Onsite Construction
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