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BS Futura PCX 107

Advanced Generation PCE based Superplasticizer for High Performance Concrete
BS Futura PCX 107
  • BS Futura PCX 107 is an advanced next generation Superplasticizer based on Polycarboxylic Ether Polymers integrating Nano-Technology concepts for creating high performance concreting at site and concrete production plants.
  • It is a chloride free nontoxic and non-flammable material and compatible with all commonly available cements and various blends.
Suggested for Builders & Onsite Construction
Recommended uses:
  • RMC Concrete Units
  • Batching Plants at Sites
  • Production of High Quality Ready Mix Concrete
  • For Pre-Cast concrete products in multiple workability mixes
  • For creating a low water binder ratio, for super plasticized concrete needing high early and long lasting strengths
  • Special requirements such as white topping concrete casting for roads
  • For inducing self-compaction properties when dense or high reinforcements are present
Suggested for Infrastructure Projects using high peformance concrete
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