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BS MoistureZero Advance

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Single Component Cold Applied Acrylic Waterproofing Membrane
BS MoistureZero Advance

  • BS MoistureZero Advance is a Single Component Cold Applied Acrylic Waterproofing Membrane. It’s a 100% acrylic waterproofing system with a highly elastomeric property & a long life UV resistant system compatible with even difficult substrates like old bitumen or APP treated surfaces.

Essential Waterproofnig & Economical System
Recommended uses:

  • Waterproofing of terraces on both new construction and refurbishment projects.
  • Complex roofs with complicated details, pergolas and structures where it is hard to apply other systems.
  • Economical extension of life for old roofs needing rehabilitation.
  • As an effective reflective coating to reduce thermal impact on building roofs.
Essential Waterproofnig & Economical System
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