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BS Smartbond 100

Multipurpose repairing & bonding agent needed for construction projects
      BS Smartbond 100, is an essential product needed for
      • Making bonding slurry for cold joints.
      • Making vatta or coving & surface repairs to prepare a surface for waterproofing job.
      • Used to create plaster mortar for rendering high strength and water resistant properties.
      • Used as a bond coat for rehabilitation works.
      • To make hard plaster for Squash Courts.
      • To make bonding slurry for use as Tile Adhesive & Tile Grout.
      • Used in plaster to reduce and slow down whiteness due to hard water.
                  Suggested for Builders & Onsite Construction
                  Recommended uses:
                    • Cold Joint Bonding Slurry
                    • For Repairs of Concrete
                    • Installation and bonding of floor screeds and toppings
                    • For creating abrasion resistance in concrete floors
                    • Creation of External rendering plaster with Waterproof, weatherproof and frost resistant properties
                    • To create long lasting durable crack resistant plasters in Waterproofing and Tanking, Basements, lift pits and water body areas, effluent tanks and swimming pools
                    • Bonding application may also be done for Installation of tiles, making tile grout and fixing of stones
                    • Creating Hard Plaster for Squash Courts to withstand regular impact of squash ball
                    • Creating Cove or “Golas” that do not de-bond later on
                    • Low End Waterproofing Coating applications

                              Suggested for Builders & Onsite Construction
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