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New Generation Hybrid Water Borne Epoxy Priming System for all kinds of coatings
Product Brief
  • For all kinds of substrates including, Concrete, Mortar, Plaster, Wood.
    Not Suitable for Plastics and HDEP, LDPE surfaces.

    Mixing Ratio is 1 Part Resin to 2 Parts Hardener to 2 Parts Water (Packaged Water)
Essential Waterproofnig & Economical System
Product Brief
  • Waterbased 1K PU Coating
  • Waterbased 2K PU Coating
  • Solvent Borne 1K PU Coating
  • Solvent Borne 2K PU Coating
  • Epoxy Coating Systems
  • Epoxy Flooring Systems
  • Acrylic Coating Systems
  • Acrylic Cementitious Coating System
  • Waterproofing Coatings of All types
Essential Waterproofnig & Economical System
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