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BS Tileasy

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Thinset Adhesive for fixing Tiles, Indoors, 3mm Onwards
      • BS Tileasy is an easy to use, quick working, inorganic materials based, cementitious polymer modified tile fixing mortar.
      • It has the bond strength and inbuilt flexibility configured as per tropical weather conditions affecting movement in structures.
      • BS Tileasy provides very good adhesion of Tiles or Stones cladding to plastered surface, precast wall, ply-board, AAC Blocks and brickwork.
      • BS Tileasy should be used for fixing Ceramic Tiles, Glazed tiles, Semi-Vitrified tiles, Terrazzo & Mosaics. It is also suitable for Tile on Tile application on substrates like Terrazzo, Vitrified Tiles, Marble or Glazed Tiles.
                  Suggested for Builders & Onsite Construction
                  Recommended uses:
                      • Tile on Tile Application
                      • Wet areas such as showers, bathrooms & pools
                      • Commercial food processing zones
                      • Podium, Pavement & Roofs
                      • Hospital, Laboratories & Hotels
                      • Granite fixing for flooring limited wall application
                                                Suggested for Builders & Onsite Construction
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