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Looking to install expensive tiles for luxurious interiors but tile adhesive ruining the looks?

Did you know that when incorrect tile adhesive is used, the total cost for repairs and reinstallation could range from ₹2,50,000 to ₹10,00,000 or more for a 2500 sq. ft. space, especially if you are getting luxe interiors!
A large percentage of people use wrong tile adhesive without technical guidance and suffer losses and can face several problems including:

  1. Poor adhesion: If the wrong tile adhesive is used, it may not bond properly with the tiles, causing them to become loose or fall off.
  2. Uneven levelling: If the tile adhesive is not suitable for the surface, the tiles may not be level, leading to an uneven floor or wall.
  3. Shrinkage and cracking: Some tile adhesives can shrink as they dry, leading to cracks in the tiles and substrate. This can be especially problematic if the tiles are installed over a large area.
  4. Inconsistent setting times: Different tile adhesives have different setting times, and using an incorrect adhesive can result in an inconsistent setting time, leading to uneven tile placement and a less-than-perfect finished product.
  5. Water damage: If the incorrect tile adhesive is used in a wet area, such as a bathroom or kitchen, it can lead to water damage and even mould growth.
  6. Wasted time and money: If tiles come loose or crack due to the use of incorrect adhesive,it can cause delays in construction, as well as additional costs to repair or replace the tiles.

Overall, it's important to use the correct tile adhesive for the specific type of tile and the substrate being used to ensure a durable and long-lasting installation.

To avoid all these problems, our BS Tileasy range of products for different substrates is an ideal solution. Not only is it easy to use with correct guidance, it has given our clients quality and guaranteed results over the years at an affordable price.
BS Tileasy is an easy to use, quick working, inorganic materials based, cementitious polymer modified tile fixing mortar. It has the bond strength and inbuilt flexibility configured as per tropical weather conditions affecting movement in structures.

They are easy to apply, they are solvent free, have no risk to health and are ecologically harmless, and after application, the surface is ready for use the next day so it saves a ton of time.

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